Web Design Malaysia

Whether you’re an established company or just starting out as a business, having your website run by a trustworthy web design agency in Malaysia can guarantee you profitable results.

Sell Click is offers wide-range web design services in Malaysia and can custom plans to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Whether you are looking to build an ecommerce or a corporate website, we can do it for you! Click the button below to talk to one of our web design specialist today!

Malaysia-Based Web Design Agency

Sell Click is a Malaysia-based web design agency with in-depth expertise in different areas of website design and development. We can help you generate more sales and revenue by creating and strengthening your unique online presence for your products and services, help you to stand out from other brands. 

We combine curated website design strategies and tailor fit them to your brand’s specific needs to help you build your credibility and an outstanding online identity that your targeted audience can easily connect with.

With our pool of website design experts and digital marketers, we are more than equipped to turn your business concepts and ideas into a profit-generating reality.

Web Design Malaysia

What You Can Expect From Our Web Design Services

Sell Click has one goal in mind – to turn your website into a high-performing tool that delivers sales and revenues for your business. As your website developer, here are the things you can expect from us.

mobile friendly web design

Mobile-friendly web design

What truly stands out with Sell Click is the quality of experience we can provide to your potential clients with our mobile-friendly designs.

We build websites with user satisfaction in mind and we can make certain your website will look great on a mobile screen, tablet, computer, or whichever other devices.

impressive web design

Impressive web design

Your website is also guaranteed to get high-traffic rates with our modern and impressive designs. We are aware that people are naturally visual and we continuously work to come up with fresh designs to complement our clients’ needs.

With Sell Click, your website will have an eye-catching design that will make potential clients stay on your pages for much longer and even come back for more!

high converting web design icon

High-Converting Website

Sell Click offers web design services with the ultimate objective of building you a high-converting website.

Your website will serve as a platform for you to showcase your own identity and, at the same time, engage with and turn occasional viewers into actual clients.

Why Does Your Business Need a Great Website?

Having a great website is now a necessity for any small or established business to grow and reach a wider consumer base. A good website can showcase your expertise and help better position yourself against other competitors. It serves as a very essential tool to connect and engage with your audience, who are becoming more and more digital-savvy.

A professionally designed website that highlights your own branding boosts your credibility as a legitimate business among potential clients. A well-designed website attracts visitors and helps them understand the products and services offered by the company through the use of various tools such as visuals, texts, and user engagement features. It is important to have all elements on your website to work together and complement each other. A coherent website leaves a very strong impression on your potential consumers, increasing the chances of user engagement and conversion to actual sales.

Ready To Grow Your Business With Our Web Design Services?

Sell Click can provide you with a full-range of support in whatever stage of the web design process. From helping you identify your goals or polishing your ideas to guaranteeing a successful launch of your site, we are equipped to handle all your web design needs and concerns. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation!

Why We Are Your Website Design Experts

If you need a website that delivers you actual sales and revenues, Sell Click is the web design agency for you. Our web design experts have solid professional experience in producing high-performing websites for clients across various industries. Each of our employees is matched to work on clients with their specific fields in mind in order to yield the best possible results for you. We value producing only the best quality sites and that is why clients trust us with their businesses.

We understand that getting the return on investment is crucial for them, and we are committed to work towards fulfilling that goal, even surpassing it. We can say that our high-converting websites can speak for the quality of work that we do. As your website designer and developer, our aim is to see you reach your highest potential and help you beat your competition in all aspects.

FAQs About Web Design Services in Malaysia

How Much Does Web Design Cost in Malaysia?

The cost of website design in Malaysia could vary from varies factors. 

This includes the type of website (e-commerce or corporate website), pages needed, etc.

Typically, web design agencies in Malaysia charge a one-time fee that could range from RM2,000 a month to RM8,000 depending on the kind of services that clients prefer.

Websites offer a good return on investment, though, and could thus, be very cost-effective than any other form of marketing.

At Sell Click, we can custom packages just for you, ensuring that you get the best value.

How many pages of website design shall I get?

Generally speaking, a simple 6-page website is enough to keep visitors’ attention on their first visit to a website. This includes:

  • Homepage
  • Services/Product Pages
  • About Us Page
  • Contact Us Page

But for search engines, these figures won’t be enough to help you get at the top of search results. 

Typically, businesses should have 10 to 30 pages of well-crafted website content for their products and services to get at a higher rank for search engine optimization (SEO) results. Websites that prioritize user experience also generate more repeat visits, and hence, repeat sales.

When can I view my first draft website?

Our usual turnaround time is a few days to a few weeks. We work according to the suggested timeline of our clients and depending on the kind of website design services they want to avail of.

Do you offer e-commerce website design?

Yes. Sell Click has a team of experienced web designers that are also skilled in digital marketing. We cater to any product- or service-based businesses that are interested in leveraging the online platform to generate more sales and revenue for their businesses.

I am new to web design. How does the whole process work?

Great design is usually built through various stages of web creation. The first stage typically involves defining the goal or objective behind the website creation and setting the scope of the project. This includes identifying what features the site must have to achieve a specified goal or objective, and the timeline needed to build them. 

The next step usually involves content creation oriented towards getting good SEO results. Content is needed for each individual page. 

Next is creating visual elements that complement the text and reflect the personal branding of the clients. This will serve as the overall visual brand for the site. When all of these have been put in place, the developer would now have to test if all the pages actually work and identify issues if there are to improve user experience. 

The last stage would be the launching of the website, as the website is finally ready to break ground in the online world.