The world and businesses are moving very fast towards advancements in terms of marketing and sales. To keep up with this fast-moving world, it has become necessary for companies to market their products on social media to attain a greater share in the market. You might not have experienced some backlash in sales, but to move with the advancements in technology and its usage, you need social media marketing for your product. This will result in an increase in customers that will consume your product. Moreover, it will create a better bond between the customer and the company. But the question is, which social media platform should be used to get more customers?

For selecting the right social media platform, it is necessary to understand your target market and target customers. You must know the social media platforms used by your audience. Of course, you have the authority to be everywhere and on each social media platform, but this will be too time-consuming. Moreover, it will be very difficult to handle so many online platforms as well. So there is a need to target specific customers through specific social media platforms.

If you know about the customers and different social media platforms, you can pick the right social media platform that fits your needs. Some of the top social media sites that can be used for attracting more customers are discussed below:

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Mostly, businesses use Facebook more often to market and attract customers. The simple reason for using Facebook more commonly is the popularity of Facebook. Facebook is used by more than two billion users in the world. People from all age groups use Facebook, making it the top contender for marketing your product. 

Moreover, it is very easy to create a Facebook page for your company, and just by uploading a few videos and photos, you can reach out to customers that you want to target regardless of their location; you can reach every corner of the world. 

There are many features on Facebook, like contests, questions, polls, and other activities that you can use to get the attention of the people. As a result, the publicity of your business would be better, making your product familiar with people all over the globe. It is one of the best platforms for brand awareness. 

In fact, Facebook is still the fastest-growing social platform. So you know, your investment in this platform will be very fruitful.



One of the platforms that have evolved most in recent times is Instagram. Currently, Instagram users are around 1 billion, and this number is steadily increasing as well with time. The fact that gives an Instagram edge over Facebook is that Instagram users are active on a daily basis more than Facebook. This gives you a liability to engage more easily with your targeted customers. 

The usage of Instagram is increasing quite comprehensively, so this might be an answer to the question, “Which platform would be useful to get more customers?”. Typical businesses that are observed to flourish on Instagram include photography, clothing, art, and architecture. The reason that these typical businesses flourish on Instagram is due to the nature of Instagram, which is very visually appealing. So if your product is visual, your business could excel on Instagram. The businesses that can use Instagram are not limited to the ones mentioned above. You can be creative on Instagram and can artistically present your own business to indulge different customers.



LinkedIn is found to be most effective if you are looking for B2B marketing. In the given case, this platform is found to be most efficient in expanding your reach. It helps you build a good understanding with other businesses. 

LinkedIn is the most popular professional networking platform, with around 260 million monthly users. This platform not only helps in reaching out to leads, but it also helps in recruiting, building a reputation, and promoting and marketing your business. LinkedIn allows you to share your ideas and content with people all around the globe. This will help you to showcase your approach regarding your business and will attract other businesses and customers as well.



YouTube is one of the most remarkable video-based platforms that is ranked top amongst its contender platforms. It is a platform that is known for its diversity because people not only use this social media for entertainment but to learn a lot of different concepts and things. 

YouTube can help you in attaining more customers by creating an engaging video of the same blog that you have posted on some other social media platform. You don’t need high-quality cameras to make YouTube videos; a smartphone camera with some good editing skills will be more than enough to achieve your aim.


After having knowledge of different social media platforms, you can opt for any of the above-mentioned platforms that have the potential to attract your targeted customers. To be on every social media is not that easy to manage, and it will cost you a lot as well. After identifying your targeted audience and the platforms they use and are most active on, you can use the site or platform that fits your needs and may bring more customers to your business.

Pui Teng Yoo
Pui Teng Yoo

Pui Teng has extensive experience in Digital Marketing mainly focus on lead generation, social media marketing, content marketing, and e-commerce.