If you are responsible for the content posted on your company’s social media profile, then you know how exhausting this task is. It is never easy to plan unique and different content to be posted every day. The content that you post must be attractive and should have the potential to bring more people to your business. In this article, some tips, tricks, and ideas are discussed to help you come up with some new ideas to boost your business and provide fresh content to the customers.

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How to Get New Social Media Ideas To Post?

How to Get New Social Media Ideas

Businesses sometimes get frustrated after thinking and mind mapping ideas to post on their website. Social media have provided so much ease of access to the business community. With a proper approach, you can achieve the aim that you wanted forever. You can get new ideas to delight customers by using the poll feature on social sites like Facebook and Instagram.

You can create a simple poll like what the customers would like to see in the next post. By reviewing people’s opinions, you will have a better idea of the content that is going to delight the customers as they told you what they want to see.

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Attractive and Trending Content on Social Media

It is important to know what is trending in the market because people are most likely to be attracted to it. You need to keep an eye on the trending and new ideas. You can create posts, images, videos, short stories, or anything to attract customers.

Trending content and stories and quite engaging, so they can also boost the traffic on your website and bring more customers.

Companies are using different social media websites like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat to bring customers to their own web pages. In these social media platforms, typically, the ‘story’ feature is widely used. By using this feature, customers are lured to swipe-up to visit the webpage that the company wants them to do.

This method is found to be very effective in delighting customers, but for this, you need to keep yourself updated.

Video-based Captivating Content

It is found that people are more interested when there is a visual appeal in your post. No matter what your business is and what you sell, the post should have some decent visual sense that should attract people. People are more likely to notice your business if eye-catching videos are used that create a sense of immersion among customers.

Some video-based social sites have grown very large this year, like TikTok. Everyone, no matter the profession, can be seen having an account on TikTok. From footballers to doctors, almost everyone uses such trending social media platforms. This is an open opportunity for business individuals to create some attractive short videos based on their business, and it is very likely that people and customers will be delighted by this type of content.

Giving Back to Society and Showcasing on Social Media:

Many large and well-established brands and companies also work on a concept known as CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). This concept focuses on giving back to society in a way that may be very simple but have a huge impact on society.

Some businesses often provide education to underprivileged children. Showcasing this kind of effort made by your company to give back to society on the company’s social media account will play a vital role in delighting customers.

The customers will understand the true inspiration and motives that your company has, and customers will be more inclined to get the service of a company that believes in giving back to society.

Share Customer Content on Social Media

Social media marketing is not just about portraying your own ideas and thinking new ones. You should give a chance to the happy customers as well to share their feelings and experience after using your product or service. This kind of content is found to have a lot of weightage in delighting the existing customers as well as new potential customers.

Moreover, you can also ask the customers to give suggestions for any improvement in your product. You will be amazed to know the responses and the effect it could have on the business.

Share Your Journey on Social Media

It is always very delightful to know the roots or start of the company. Many people are very keen to know how some of the world-famous companies and businesses came into being. What was the concept or idea that kept them going over the years and made them what they are today? Such an inspirational journey and timelines always motivate customers towards your business.

Try to define your company aims and objectives as well as the whole journey on the right platforms, like LinkedIn, where viewers are keen to know such stories. This will definitely help to delight customers worldwide.

You can also show the faces behind your company’s growth and their efforts, which made your company achieve the bar and aim that they set over the years.

Wrapping It Up

Creating content for social media should not be a dreadful task. It should be fun with some different approaches that might work to your advantage. The ideas mentioned in this article will definitely work out as these are some of the newest ideas that are getting popular day by day.

With some proper research and knowledge about your customer database, try out some of these tips and notice the change in your company’s growth over time, and the responses from customers might even surprise you.


Pui Teng Yoo
Pui Teng Yoo

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