You may have noticed some of the B2C companies that are doing an outstanding job on social media in terms of marketing. Their product is very popular among customers of different ages, gender, and profession. However, this is not the case with B2B companies. You may not have heard about any B2B company crushing on social media or dominating it. The reason behind this is the target audience. The target audience of these companies is very limited and specific. Moreover, these types of companies are also very few, so it is very difficult to establish your brand in such a diversity of content on social media.

This is the main reason that many of the B2B companies have not yet focused on social media. Even some of the B2B companies have ignored the use of social media for their marketing. The case for B2B companies completely differs from B2C in terms of social media. B2C companies are dominating and using social media fully and taking the most out of it. While B2B still relies on traditional methods like cold calling and visiting people in person. But it is the need of time that the marketing should also be improvised and enhanced through social media, no matter your target audience. Social media can help B2B companies in taking their business to the next level. However, there are some strategies that you must keep in mind to see better results.

Here, we are going to share some strategies that are beneficial for B2B on social media.

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Set Goals For Your Social Media Campaigns

settings goals

In order to succeed, it is necessary to set some targets and goals that you want to achieve through social media. You need to set some KPIs that are scalable so that you can look up to them after some time to see the results. Whether you are looking for growth or brand awareness, setting up some guidelines will benefit you in the longer run.

For example, you can create KPIs based on a better reach to the businesses that you are interested in. Also, if you want to increase traffic on your social media profile, KPIs will be the best option you could have at the initial stage. For more information, check out this post on how to set and reach social media goals for your business.

Study Your Competitor’s Social Media Marketing Strategy

It is never too bad to look at the social media marketing strategy used by your competitors. It can provide insights into the points or guidelines that you never thought of, and you can use them to your advantage. Social media open doors to anyone, and anyone can gain any sort of advantage. With this approach and mindset, try to gain as much knowledge about the social media campaigns from your competitors.

This does not mean that you should implement the same strategy. You should improvise and look out for the openings that your competitors are missing.

Whatever suits you, accommodate that marketing campaign in your business and notice the change in results.

Use Original Content on Social Media

It is often seen that some companies copy the content from other resources, and it is clearly visible. This does not leave a good impression on the minds of potential customers regarding your company. You can get ideas from other resources, but the content that is published by your official social media account should be authentic and original. You can only attract people through your own creativity.

Use Other Social Media Platform Other Than LinkedIn

LinkedIn is considered to be one of the leading platforms for B2B marketing. But due to its popularity, businesses have considered it the only platform to attract potential businesses. LinkedIn is found to be most effective for generating leads. For branding and brand awareness, there are some other platforms that are found to be more effective.

Using social media to your advantage is more than just selling your product. It is about feeling the emotions, values, and other small aspects of life as felt by other people. By looking through this perspective, platforms like Facebook and Instagram open up a lot of opportunities for a B2B company. Pave your way through different platforms along with LinkedIn.

Engage With Your Audience on Social Media

Engaging with the audience is necessary. You should communicate with them through comments and posts. You should listen to their problems and queries and reach out as early as you can.

The most efficient way you can communicate with your audience is by directly speaking to them. This means that you should speak in the same terminologies that are common among yours and their industry. This simply does not mean that you should solely communicate in technical terms.

Try to communicate with your audience in a simple and well-structured manner rather than complicated terminologies. Sometimes, you may need to clarify some terms to your audience. Use this opportunity to your full advantage and clearly make your audience understand the terms they are not familiar with.

Be Consistent On Posting on Social Media

When it comes to social media, there must be consistency in your content to attract potential businesses. You must frequently post content that could amaze and attract clients. This how you will reach more people than you were before using social media. But maintaining consistency is not that easy.

Finding the right content to post every day is not a piece of cake. Keep in mind that you cannot post anything that crosses your mind because you are representing your product on social media. So, your content must be accurate and on point. Also, building up your audience will take some time.

You will see the change in results after some months or even a year. That being said, you can achieve this feat if you have a loyal and hardworking social media team that has the potential to keep things going at a steady pace.


It is important to target social media for B2B companies because it is an opportunity that can improve the business. But you need to adopt some special strategies that can work. We have summed up everything in that article. We have discussed some strategies that can be beneficial for your marketing.

Pui Teng Yoo
Pui Teng Yoo

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